Corporate Governance & Board Effectiveness

Closing the Gap between Compliance and Performance

We are Maddison Pine and we are committed to building high performing, different, and relevant organisations that make a difference to their peoples, the public sector, and to the performance of their national. The issue of effective corporate governance that moves beyond compliance into performance, is absolutely central. It should be at the heart of organisational effectiveness and performance – working with senior executives and staff.

Our principle is that mission-led organisations shape culture and unleash evolving and enduring change for the greater good.

We deliberately work with Public Sector Agencies and State-Owned-Enterprises because we are passionate about bringing about transformational and sustainable change in these sectors; and, just because we are told they are tough sectors to bring about change. We believe in pushing the boundaries and inducing change – and we see the difference our approach makes to boards, executives, organisational performance and stakeholder satisfaction.

With a top faculty of former chief executives, management consultants, seasoned former board chairmen and leaders, in collaboration with outside governance experts, Maddison Pine provides practical guidance and frameworks that move boards beyond compliance to performance, relevance, and the creation of sustainable value for organisations and governments.

 We are sometimes told that it is impossible to bring about any change in the public sector but as Jamie Buckingham said, “After all, what’s the use of living if you don’t attempt the impossible?”

Our Capabilities

We focus on doing what we are best at doing and have the evidence for top-notch results and impact.